Google TV Add-on for Android SDK Launches

Google TV is getting another step closer to getting the Honeycomb update as the company has now launched the final version of the Google TV SDK to developers. This means that its time to start getting apps ready for when it launches.

This latest version is similar to the last one that launched in August but adds a couple of small features to the mix. The fixes are detailed below:

We heard your feedback, and the Action Bar now renders horizontally, in line with other Android devices. We’ve published code for a left-side navigation bar since that may work better for navigating with D-Pad when you have vertically scrolling lists. Check out an example app built using the sample code here.

There are additional keys on the screen for quick access, e.g., picture-in-picture, fast forward, channel up/down, etc. Please note that these keys will only work with the next Android SDK Tools, revision 14.

Google has provided a post about it over on the GTV blog.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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