Google Set Top Box to Daisy-Chain with your Current TV Box

Google [GOOG] are creating a Google TV as well as a set top box it is believed to bring the Android operating system to the TV.

We have heard previously that Google have teamed up with Intel and Sony to create the chips and TVs that will run the new Android OS. We also heard that a set top box was being created that would bring Android to older TVs. Rumours are now saying that the Google set top box won’t actually replace your current box, but instead, will daisy chain between your current box and your HDTV.

“In other words, the MVPD’s set-top’s HDMI output would be connected to the Google TV set-top’s HDMI input, and then its HDMI output would be connected to the TV. The authorized TV channels would still be delivered, but Google TV would collect data from the MVPD’s set-top and introduce an entirely new UI for users to control their TV experience, to include searching and browsing channels. It would also add a host of new interactive web-type capabilities around the content.”

Features included in such a TV (Android based) would include access to the app store perhaps were better recording applications could be built allowing you to store TV on a hard drive. Perhaps integration with Skype, weather, web browsing, email and all the other features we use on our phones. If made cloud based we could then bring up our custom channel listings in other homes, or perhaps have preferences set for each user of the box to hide all the boring channels.

Interesting stuff indeed. We should hear more throughout this year on the progress Google, Sony and Intel are making with the TV. [GIZMODO]

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