Google TV Details Revealed

More details of a TV that Google [GOOG] are wanting to make have been revealed. The new TV sets will see Google teaming up with Sony and Intel to create a TV that runs the Google Android operating system. Sony will of course be responsible for the actual TV while Intel will create the chips that power the Android side of things and Google will of course provide the operating system that runs on the TV.

Over the last year we have seen a number of new TV’s feature extra software built in such as TVs offering YouTube and TVs running Skype. Bringing Android to a TV will certainly add a lot more flexibility and might actually provide a decent browser and user experience which occasionally lacks when the web and TV merge.

Google are not stopping at creating new TV’s with the Android OS built in though as they are also looking in to the possibility of creating a new set top box that will allow older TV’s to be able to experience Android and it’s flexibility as an OS.

Also we hear that Google have made quite a few plans regarding these TV’s and set top boxes and are also creating a developer tools that will allow devs to create unique applications.

What’s in it for Google? More revenue due to more ways to get their services in front of users. It will be interesting to see how integrated with “the cloud” all of this will be where you could log on to another TV to view emails, check your calendar and see your own Skype contacts.

Via: GG

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