Google Phone Called Nexus One

Google-NexusOneLate last week, Google [GOOG] handed out new phones to some employees which some are calling the official Google Phone. The phone is actually called the Nexus One and runs the Android 2.1 operating system that offers a few enhancements over what the DROID uses, ie, Android 2.0.

The phone is similar in looks to the HTC Passion although it’s a little slimmer. For now, it runs on the T-Mobile network as well as using WiFi.

In Android 2.1 there are new 3D elements to be found in the app tray along with a new grid icon that can be used to get a preview of all the home screen pages (which also have been increased in number to allow for more icons to be stored).

Other features include the latest version of Google Goggles pre-installed along with Google Maps Navigation which was expected and will be standard in my opinion on all new Android phones launched with 1.6 and above.

Right now, no real official statement has been made about this phone by Google although they do say that staff are testing a phone. Perhaps it is the official Google Phone, or maybe it’s just an early Christmas present for staff to test a new operating system out on some new hardware. A few weeks ago we heard that the Google Phone was going to be what Google expected a phone should be and although the Nexus One looks good, it’s not drastically different to what I was expecting. I’m sure new announcements will be made soon regarding the Google Phone. To keep up todate with what’s happening with the Google Phone check out Google’s blog.


Via: Engadget

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