Google Goggles Visual Search Launched

google-gogglesGoogle [GOOG] have launched a new web service for mobile phones called Google Goggles. The program is free and available now from the Android Market. What Google Goggles does is allow you to take a picture of an object and then Google uses the image to try find a match in it’s vast library of cached images. By mixing the captured image with GPS you also get location based services. An example here could be taking a picture of a shop front with Google then working out where you are and providing details on the local shop.

Although a fantastic idea, it currently is a bit limited and some captured images cannot be recognised. Objects not capable of being recognised could include furniture, clothing etc… I just tested now on a LEXAR 1GB SSD card and within a few seconds the search resulted in a number of LEXAR products being shown which was quite impressive.

More details on Google Goggles can be found over here with a video demonstration just below.

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