Google Nexus One might get Wireless N on Android 2.2

The next Google Android 2.2 update might bring wireless 802.11n to the Nexus One. This has become apparent because of Broadcom and Google [GOOG] releasing new drivers for the wireless chipset that the Nexus One uses.

Up till now and including Android 2.1, Google have not included these drivers in the firmware for Nexus One.

Looking at results of testing from the guys at Android and Me, it certainly seems possible that Google could include this in the next update as those guys managed to get 802.11n working on an Android 2.1 build. Full details of how that was achieved are over on the Android and me site linked above.

With this latest update, Google are now keeping quiet about what will be included unlike previous versions of the OS, so for now we’ll just need to wait till the latest version is officially announced with all the details.

Faster Wi-Fi will be welcomed by many considering some of the problems users have been seeing with 3G connectivity since the Nexus One launch. There is no official launch date yet although we are seeing Android 2.2 visitors in the gadgetvenue statistics indicating a final build is just around the corner.

Via: Geeky Gadgets and Electronista

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