Google Nexus One Phone gets FCC Approval

fcc_google_nexus_one_labelI’m guessing there will be quite a lot of information today about the Google Nexus One phone over the coming days and weeks. The next information to be revealed shows that the Nexus One has had approval by the FCC. In this case there is only the image above that shows what’s happening at the moment. What the image does confirm is that the phone is called the Nexus One (see NEXUSONE) and that it has a microSD slot along side the SIM card slot.

According to the FCC filing the phone has UMTS/HSDPA along with quadband GSM/EDGE and can support both AT&T and T-Mobile in the USA due to triband 850/1700/1900 radios.

Right now it appears that the phone has just had the radio tests performed and as of now, there are no photos of the phone from the FCC although we have already seen a number of shots by Google staff who have the phone.

More details of the Nexus One here.


Via: Engadget

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