Google Nexus One gets Android 2.2 OTA Update Early

First off, apologies for all the Google [GOOG] Android news today. With the Google I/O event and the announcement of Android 2.2, there’s plenty of stuff happening at the moment in terms of the new OS update.

TechCrunch has reported that Google is now pushing out Android 2.2 updates to Nexus One owners. MG Siegler said that late last night while putting his Nexus One on charge that there was a notification on his screen telling him a new update was available. After installing it took the phone up to Android 2.2 with all the new features, increased speed, flash browsing and a lot more.

The Nexus One update appears to have launched a couple of weeks early as Google had said just a few days ago to look out for it in the next few weeks.

If you own a Nexus One, have you received the OTA update over night? Has it increased the speed of your Android device as said by Google? We expect that it will have as the comparisons ran on stage showed plenty of speed going on.

MG Siegler did note that his HTC EVO 4G did not have any such notifications on the home page, so right now it seems that just Nexus One owners are getting the OTA update.

Update: it seems that just those who have recieved review units are getting the update. We’ll update again if we hear of none review units getting Android 2.2.

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