Google Maps Navigation Coming to iPhone?

We are hearing today that Google Maps Navigation, the free satnav service, could be coming to the Apple iPhone. This hasn’t been confirmed or set in stone yet, but the indications come from comments made by Google [GOOG] saying they are looking at bringing the free navigation software to other platforms.

Apple [AAPL] already uses Google Maps on the iPhone for mapping services, so the possibility of that being converted to a free navigation application is too far out of question.

With Google also bringing Google Maps Navigation to the UK just this week, this also indicates that Google do have plans to expand the service beyond the US and beyond the Android platform.

The comments come from Steve Lee of Google who said “We’re always evaluating other platforms for Google Maps Navigation. Google Maps is the application that has the most breadth on other platforms – Windows Mobile, iPhone, J2ME phones, but Google Maps Navigation requires higher capabilities. We can’t say any more today other than we are always evaluating other platforms.”

Free satellite navigation is always welcomed among users. Lets hope the plans do roll out perhaps when iPhone OS 4.0 is launched.

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  1. Nokia 5800 Blog says

    This is really great news for Iphone owners…. I too have iphone and good to see google maps on it.

    thanks !

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