Google Maps Navigation now on Android 1.6

google-maps-navigation-layersGoogle [GOOG] have announced that Google Maps Navigation is now available in the US for those running Android 1.6 on their phone. The maps software is compatible with most (if not all) 1.6 based devices including the older T-Mobile G1.

Google Maps Navigation was first made available just a few weeks ago when the Motorola DROID was launched that ran the Android 2.0 operating system.

When using the software in the US you have on your phone a full satnav system that is kept up to date by Google and those providing maps. The service is online which requires you use a dataplan unless you want to run up a large bill. By having the service online you always have access to the latest map data available.

As well as having the most recent maps always on hand you also do not have to pay for the software as Google provide it for free.

Other information on the navigation software allows you to layer items such as live traffic reports, satellite imagery and also information about points of interest en route.

If you are not based in the US and have a G1 then there is also some good news as Google Maps Navigation can also be run on a G1 out of the US.

Via: Google

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