Google Android Updates Could Slow to One a Year

If you follow the progress Google [GOOG] has made with the Google Android OS, you will notice that they release updates quite often. Many smartphones are about to get an update to Android 2.1 although Android 2.2 is due out any week now. Also many are still on 1.5 and 1.6 with a few on 2.0. In total, eight releases were made in the first 18 months.

All this fragmentation has happened due to the quick updates that Google has made and now it seems that they are now beginning to slow down over the next few months.

Andy Rubin from Google said that the slow down would bring it down to about two updates per year and eventually on to just one update per year which basically follows in line with what Apple pretty much do.

The main problems the fragmentation caused was the upset of device owners buying the latest handset and then another handset launches with a newer version having to make other handset users wait a long time for updates. Also with many phone manufacturers and networks making modifications to suit their needs, such as HTC with the Sense UI, it means that updates can take even longer to arrive. By launching one a year it gives developers time to adapt and get the next batch of updates ready without the changes going out of date before another version arrives.

Motorola has already made it’s roadmap for Android 2.1 upgrades public with the DROID already being complete. However, Android 2.2 is out and Motorola do not even mention the Android 2.2 update which is wanted for all users.


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