Motorola Android Update Schedule Updated

Motorola is attempting to update all of it’s Android smartphones to Android 2.1 as quickly as possible. The Motorola DROID has finished this cycle and all devices (other than rooted) should be running the latest version of the Android OS (latest if you don’t count Android 2.2 which isn’t officially out just yet).

The new roadmap shows a few more specific dates for a few of the Android handsets. Currently on the top of the list is the Motorola MILESTONE which is the DROID out of the US. These updates are still in progress with Europe, Asia-Pacific and Canada all in progress and Latin America beginning any time this month.

What isn’t mentioned on the Motorola roadmap is any sign of Android 2.2 coming to any of the handsets. We of course expect that some of them will get an update although we’d like to see information now regarding the updates rather than later as Android 2.2 is about to be made official any day or week now.

Via: Android Central

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