Google Android Market to Hit 100,000 Apps this Month

The graph shown here represents the number of Android apps being launched in the Market Place over time.

As you can see, the number is increasing rapidly and it is expected that this month (July) there will be over 100,000 apps in total in the app store. Right now there are over 90,000 apps. A year ago that number was closer to 7000. Growth rate looks to be accelerating also.

A second graph found on Android Lib shows that every month in the last year has seen more and more apps approved. Last month was the highest month with 15288 apps being added. This month in the first 12 days is already at 9163 which indicates almost 24,000 apps could be added this month.

Google [GOOG] is also launching App Inventor in the next few weeks to select groups of people which could further increase the growth rate as app developing will be possible by those who don’t know how to code.

It’s certainly good news for Google who launched Android almost a couple of year back and shows that they are gradually catching up to Apple [AAPL].

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