Google Android App Inventor Launches Soon

Google [GOOG] has launched Google App Inventor. The software allows users to create apps for Android based smartphones by using an easy to use user interface to drag and drop elements on to a page.

The system uses blocks which you drag and drop on to a virtual phone screen. When the functions are on the page you can then edit actions and so forth to create interactive applications.

The application is not just limited to simple apps either. The App Inventor software gives users access to sensors and other functions of the phone allowing them to create more in-depth applications.

The App Inventor software is not available to download just yet and when it does, it will be specifically for education and those developing apps for Google in the beginning tets. You can registers your interest now over at Google where they say it will take a few weeks before approvals will start.

For those not in educational institutions or developing for Google, it is believed access will follow later this year.

Full details at Google.

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