Google Android Hits 1 Billion App Downloads

Androidlib track Google Android apps and growth rate of the Android Market Place. Recently their estimates indicated that over 1 Billion apps have been downloaded since launch which is a very impressive number.

Hitting 1 Billion downloads is a huge milestone to reach. This number arrives just as the Market Place is to get it’s 100,000th app approved which is expected any time now.

The download numbers are estimates though, so it isn’t clear how the numbers are calculated and how accurate they are. Either way, if it hasn’t officially passed the 1 billion mark, it cant be far away now.

Check out the other graphs also at Androidlib that show the rate of growth in the app store. July 2010 is set to be the biggest month yet for app approvals where it is estimated that around 22,000 apps will be added to the market place by the end of the month.

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