Google Android 3.0 and Google Music Could Launch Together

We heard today that Google [GOOG] could launch it’s music service and Android 3.0 (aka Gingerbread) together towards the end of this year. The information comes from Gaurav Jain who is the Android Product Manager where he confirmed the launch timing to an Israeli newspaper called Calcalist.

The reason that both are being launched together is that music will play a big part in the next version of Android perhaps making it a little more media centric.

‘Google will combine music download service next version of Android launched for the U.S. holiday season.

From what we understand, music streaming will be a huge part of the device allowing users to stream audio direct to their mobile. Possibly this move is to tackle rumours of Apple [AAPL] launching a cloud based iTunes in the near future. If Google manage to launch their service also, it’s helps them match up with what Apple will offer giving users another reason to use Google Android based smartphones.

Although some details have been announced, this news is far from official. We will look out for official details over the coming weeks to see what we can find.

Via: Gadgetell

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