Android 3.0 Gingerbread Hardware Requirements

Google [GOOG] is already working on the next version of Android believed to be version 3.0 and codenamed Gingerbread. Some details have started to appear about the new Android indicating what kind of hardware specs a smartphone will need to have to run it.

Phones will require at least 512MB of RAM and a 3.5 inch or larger screen. Processor wise, at least 1GHz will be needed. By detailing the specifications Google allows people to know before hand if their device will be eligible for the upgrade or not.

It isn’t clear when Google are launching the next version. Previous details hint that there will be more breathing space on the next and subsequent versions to slowdown fragmentation on devices. As well as detailing the hardware requirements we have heard that the UI will be a focus of Google and that they will be bringing it closer to how the iPhone UI functions. This will hopefully prevent the need of the likes of HTC creating HTC Sense and Motorola creating Motoblur which always slows down how fast users can get the latest Android updates on their phones.

As for a release date, some say as early as October although we have also heard early next year as another date.

Via: Coated

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