Google Android 2.2 Froyo in Testing

The folk at Google [GOOG] are testing Google Android 2.2 from what we hear with a possible release date of May 19th. That date is when the Google I/O developer conference will run.

New features in the Android 2.2 operating system include multi-coloured trackball notifications as well as the OS providing more RAM to the use. Also fixes for touchscreen problems are also going to be included.

As well as offering the above tweaks it is also reported that more access to OpenGL ES 2.0 will be provided to developers. These updates should allow developers to access better graphics capabilities specifically on the Google Nexus One.

The roll-out appears that it will be for Google Nexus One owners first off followed possibly by DROID although speculation also says the N1 and DROID could get a roll out at the same time.

It is unclear at the moment when other Android smartphones will get these updates, but we expect over the coming months that once the update has been announced, updates to other devices will happen a few months after that.

Of course if you root your phone then no doubt the various forums around the web will have Android 2.2 firmware builds to install.

Via: SlashGear

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