Google Nexus One Problems still Occuring – Heading to UK Soon

When the Google [GOOG] phone launched (aka the Nexus One), a few problems were reported in that it had bad 3G reception with calls often cutting off along with text messages not being sent and reports of unresponsive touchscreens on the devices sold so far.

With the Nexus One coming this month (rumoured date) to the UK, it gets a little worrying that the problems still hit the device. Reports of faults on the Google forums are still piling up and as of yet, there is no fix that sorts the problems out.

However, it’s not all bad news if you are looking at buying a Nexus One when they land in the UK as Google are supposedly working behind the scenes on a fix for the issues. Unfortunately there is no date yet for when this update will arrive.

What we do hope is that Google will have the issues resolved before the phone launches in the UK amongst other countries as the phone it’s self has great potential if the bugs can be ironed out.

As soon as we hear anything in terms of a firmware update we’ll certainly let you know.

Via: Gaj-It

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