Freescale ARM Based $200 Tablet

If $1,000 for a rumoured Apple iSlate is too much for you to eat then you could check out this way cheaper tablet from Freescale. Several Freescale tablets are being made with some of them having a sub $200 price tag. The tablets will be powered by ARM Cortex Chips and will run either Android or Linux.

The tablets are set to launch in the summer of this year and Freescale will include wi-fi, Bluetooth and have an onscreen QWERTY keyboard as well as a physical separate QWERTY keyboard.

For those who want to connect to the internet while on the move a 3G modem can be added as an optional extra. The 3G module connection is modular allowing the tablet to work in different regions by attaching a compatible 3G device to the tablet.

The tablet falls more in to the smartbook type device that will include a web browser that is capable of Adobe Flash along with a media centre, PDF and image viewers as well as email, RSS and an Office style app.

The Freescale features a 7 inch screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. 512MB of RAM is installed and for storage you have the option of 4GB up to 64GB of which I believe is SSD storage. Other features include USB, webcam and accelerometer.

Although a deviced priced at just $200 wont come close to the iSlate (if prices and rumours are to be believed), it still bridges the gad between phone and laptop/netbook for those who want less than XP and a way of quickly surfing the net and sending the odd email.

Via: CrunchGear

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