More Apple iSlate Specs Leaked – Probably Fake

PhoneArena have posted a copy of a letter headed with the Apple [AAPL] logo that supposedly shows the specs of the rumoured iSlate device.

Features mentioned about the iSlate include a new operating system called Mac OS X Clouded Leopard that suggests the iSlate will be cloud based. Bullet points on the image show that it has a new user interface, a widget based homescreen, connectivity to the app store, 2x faster wakeup and shutdown speeds (compared to what I am not sure), and built in support for Microsoft Exchange Server.

As for technical specs on the device it is shown on the letter that it will have a 7.1 inch multitouch screen covered in a finger print resistant coating, run at 2.26GHz, have 2GB of memory expandable to 8GB, a 120GB hard drive, external optical drive, built in iSight camera along with a projector and supposedly plenty of connectivity that includes 3G, Wireless and Bluetooth.

Some of the specs seem a little far fetched such as the need to put a micro projector in the casing that will bulk the size up a little. But, if true then it looks set to be a fantastic looking device.

Via: PhoneArena

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