Foursquare Signups Rocket after Facebook Places Announcement

Yesterday, Facebook introduced Facebook Places. The service is a location based service that lets you tag where you currently are and post the update on to Facebook.

One of the other major challengers in the on-line check in game is Foursquare. Some expected that Foursquare would be worse off after a service the size of Facebook essentially knocked it over. However, the opposite has happened in that yesterday the company had the most amount of signups they have ever had.

‘Just heard from The @HarryH that today was @foursquare’s biggest day ever in terms of new user signups, Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley just tweeted out a few minutes ago (@HarryH is the Twitter name of Harry Heymann, Foursquare’s engineering lead).

Right now, the Facebook Places services is quite basic in that you check in and that’s about it. Over the next few months we suspect that Facebook will add more to the service. If Foursquare can keep adding enhancements they could keep the signups rolling in.

Via: TechCrunch

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