Facebook Places Launches on iPhone

The Facebook iPhone app was updated last night to version 3.2. Along with a few bug fixes, a new service was launched called Facebook Places. Facebook Places aims to tackle the likes of Foursquare and Gowalla as a location check-in service that lets you post where abouts you are.

The service isn’t available just yet in the UK, but should be rolling out soon. For those of you in the US, you already have access to this service with this update. In regards to privacy settings, they are surprisingly not that bad in that Facebook hasn’t opted you in to letting the whole world know exactly where you are. Instead, this information is restricted to just friends. However, Here.org.uk does point out a particular default setting that allows friends to check you in to places which if you worry about this sort of stuff you might want to disable that option.

In terms of availability for Blackberry and Android smartphone owners, the apps haven’t been updated just yet although the HTML5 version of Facebook found at touch.facebook.com for now which has the same functions of the app equivalents.

Expect to see Places updates start appearing in your feed over the next few weeks as more friends start to use the service. With a huge amount of users it is expected that a good number of people will start posting their whereabouts a little more.

Via: AllThingsD

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