Flip Slide HD Video Camera Spotted at Best Buy

An anonymous tipster dropped an image of a new camera by Cisco in to Engadget’s inbox recently. We heard rumours last month on March 11 that Cisco were going to be making an announcement this month (as in April) about a new Flip camcorder they were to soon launch. The pictures captured at Best Buy indicate the new Flip camera is to be called the Flip Slide HD.

From what we see (and unfortunately the photographer blocks part of the main picture of the device) it’s a slider device that appears to have a screen that opens up I guess to reveal controls, or perhaps a keyboard. The Slide HD also looks to have a screen about double the size of the previous Flip HD camera that takes up more of the panel.

The camera it’s self looks to be similar in size (based on the size of the box and the hand holding it) to older Flip cameras that are currently on the market.

I am guessing an official announcement will be made either later today or sometime throughout this week and the device it’s self will probably go on sale shortly after considering Best Buy seem to have a box full of them.

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