How to Fix DVD Scratches

A long time ago back in September of 2007 we mentioned a technique on how to get scratches out of a phone screen which was comprised of using a bizarre concoction of an egg and a cloth soaked in a heated egg and then warmed up in the oven to create a substance that will fill the scratches… I have no idea if that technique works, and I’ll admit now that I have no idea if this new technique for fixing CD’s and DVD’s will actually work, but as all you need is a banana and a few other household substances then I’m sure it will be fine and easy to test.

The tutorial was created over at Unplggd and allows you to fill in scratches on DVD’s allowing them to be played again in a DVD. We assume it will also work on other optical media although that’s your choice if you test it.

The tutorial can be found at the link just above. Please do give feedback if you test and it actually works… and good luck!

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