Get rid of Screen scratches with an Egg

Here we have a demonstration found over at Metacafe which shows you how to wipe out screen scratches on your PDA, Phone, camera screen etc… It works by heating up the egg to 65 degrees C (not higher as egg goes harder at 71 degrees C). You then get a cloth, soak it, put it in the oven and repeat a few times. Once it dries out you have a cleaning cloth which apparently will wipe scratches out (or fill them in). The cloth works for about 100 times and seems like it could do its job. I think I need to try this on my mobile phone screen to see if its true.

Another option is to purchase a cheap screen scratch remover from Amazon costing less than $10.


  1. ok i have the samsung instinct and would it remove scratches from the siding on it

  2. ok so i hav the BlackBerry Curve from Verizon. Would this cloth remove the scratches from the screen?

  3. ok i have a samsung omnia (touch screen) and has scratches on the screen would it remove them?

  4. Ok so i have a bull detector, would it remove scratches from it??

    ((why are all the comments so similar))

  5. I have not tried the process myself, but as it’s VERY cheap to do I guess it’s worth a shot.

  6. yeah obivoucly the change the sreen everytime theres a flash of black…youll see it if you watch the vid again

  7. adam baker says

    will this work on a samsung impression a877 touch screen phone?

  8. does not work for my phone, not even the small ones, and there is sticky stuff all over your screen, no visible scratches but once you clean the sticky stuff off the screen the scratches come back

  9. scratch expert says

    this is a fake! If you watch closely to the vid when he’s about to finish erasing his stereo system, he uses his treated cloth to CREATE the scratch pattern (using something hard like a small stone [and you also notice how he pinches the cloth to hold the stone in place to seem as if he’s wiping the scratch mark off]). This movie is played in reverse. He made the scratch on the system and the CD first, then tried wiping them with a regular cloth to show that it obviously did not get rid of them.

    Playing the video in reverse would make it look like he’s magically getting rid of the scratches.

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