Firefox Home Waiting for Approval from Apple

Back in May, Mozilla previewed the Firefox Home app saying it was soon going to be sent to Apple [AAPL] for approval to hit the app store. The application has now been submitted and the company is just waiting for Apple to give the go ahead.

Firefox Home is an application that lets you sync your bookmarks and open tabs up from your desktop or laptop computer with your iPhone so that when you are on the move you can easily pick up from where you left off at home. The data about tabs and bookmarks on your computer is automatically synced to the cloud which allows the iPhone to then grab that data when the free application is loaded up.

The Firefox Home app is not a Firefox browser. Instead, it’s just a way of getting your tabs and bookmarks from your home computer to your phone which can then be opened up within Safari which from what we understand, is embedded in the application. It’s certainly an app to look out for and could be very handy if you step away from your desk and want to work on the move.

We’ll let you know in the next few days if the application gets approved or not. We assume it will and that Mozilla have followed all the right procedures to get it approved.

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