Firefox Home for iPhone Launches

Mozilla has launched Firefox Home for iPhone. We have mentioned the Firefox Home application previously when it was waiting for approval in to the app store by Apple. That approval has now been granted and it is available for download.

What Firefox Home lets you do is sync up your tabs, bookmarks and history from other computers running Firefox. By installing a sync add-on on your desktop and setting up a new user account, you can then install Firefox Home on your iPhone and log in with the same username and password to sync up the features mentioned above.

For example, I have 10 tabs open on my desktop PC that I need to look over. I simply leave my desk, pick up my iPhone and load up Firefix Home. Those same 10 tabs are available on my iPhone to browse through whilst on the move.

How to use Firefox Home

1. Install Firefox Sync, a free add-on for Firefox, on your desktop.
2. Restart Firefox and follow prompts to create an account with both a password and a secret phrase.
3. Go the App Store on your iPhone and search for ‘Firefox Home or install it directly from iTunes.
4. Launch Firefox Home on your iPhone. You’ll be prompted to enter your Firefox Sync account info. Enter your username, password and Secret Phrase and tap ‘Done.
5. Enjoy!

I’m not 100% sure how handy it will be for what I work on day to day, but I’ll give it a test over the next few weeks and see if it can be integrated in to what I do day to day.

Full details at Mozilla.

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