Firefox 8 Download Now Available

Mozilla has launched Firefox 8 and the download is now available. Although those who knew how could get FF8 a couple of days ago via the Mozilla FTP server, it is now available to all on the main Firefox download page. New features include Twitter search integration amongst several other things we’ll mention below.

The new version of Firefox is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. The new twitter search features run on all but the Android versions and allow users to now select Twitter as the default search engine in the dropdown box.

Loading tabs on demand is now possible with FF8 and allows you to quickly restore a session. It does this by not downloading all the tabs by default. Instead, the tabs will sit there dormant until you click to open it up. This saves time for those who regularly have 20+ tabs open and don’t want to wait for all to download each time you restart the browser.

Security has been increased and now requires that third party add-ons are authorised by you before they install. In the past it has been possible to have these install automatically and in some cases, without the user knowing. Firefox 8 lets the user retain control of what gets added to the browser.

Other features can be found over on the Mozilla blog.

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