Firefox 8 Download Now Ready

Firefox 8 will officially be released tomorrow although we have found out today that you can actually download the final version now. When it officially launches tomorrow you’ll simply be able to visit the main page of Mozilla and you’ll then see an option to download version 8 of Firefox.

If you want it today, read on below to see how you can get it.

Before getting to the download instructions I’ll first cover a few of the new features of Firefox 8 to give a quick insight as to what is different to previous versions. One of the main features is the new security built in to the browser. On FF7 and previous versions to that it has been possible to install 3rd party add-ons which do not require a security check to be installed. On Firefox 8 there is now more security so you get more control of what is installed on your browser.

Another feature aims to increase start up performance of the browser. An option can be set in Tools > Options > General that allows you to only pre-load selected tabs. Other tabs sit dormant until clicked on. By not loading up all tabs at the initial load it allows you to get on with browsing a little quicker.

As well as being able to search on the major search engines from the toolbar, Firefox 8 now also lets you search Twitter from the address and search bar.

To get Firefox 8 now you can go direct to this link to get the Mac version or this link to get the Windows version. For those who can wait another day or so you can simply check for updates after the release at which point the download will be ready for you to install.

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