Evernote Web Interface Gets New Redesign

Evernote has announced that they have redesigned the web based version of their note taking software. The Evernote web app now features a new design, improved user experience and better performance.

The web app also now reflects what the desktop app looks like in that you get the familiar three-column layout with folders on the left, notes in the middle and content on the right.

Just like the desktop version, the web version now works with Notebook Stacks. What Notebook Stacks do is allow you to put folders within folders to organize your notes in to Business for example, which can then be broken down to expenses, tasks and various other items.

Integration with Facebook and Twitter has also been included on the web interface. These features allow you to share documents with friends when needed.

Overall, a very handy update and one that will certainly be useful should you want to access Evernote while on another computer.

You can grab it now over at the Evernote website.

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