Duke Nukem Forever Has a Release Date

Its been an uphill struggle for developers to get this game going and it was a surprise to many to find out last month at PAX that the latest Duke Nukem game is definitely not a dream and that it would be developed by Gearbox instead.

12 years in fact, is how long its taken the game to get even this far since Duke’s last outing and there have been plenty of rumours flooding the web regarding this. What’s more though, is that retailers Gamestop and Amazon seem to have listed Duke Nukem Forever as being available to purchase as of February 1st next year.

This is only a tentative date for the time being as Gearbox have since come back stating that any release date published at the moment is only meant as a placeholder.

We’ll let you know more as soon as we do.

(Via: Kotaku.com)

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