DROID Incredible 720p Update Now Landing OTA

HTC DROID Incredible users should be starting to get an OTA (over the air) update that started rolling-out this weekend. The new update was first mentioned early in July and as expected, has arrived.

The OTA update for the Incredible brings 720p video recording to the Android smartphone. Several bug fixes are also included along with Skype, MyVerizon and update widgets. We also hear the DROID red eye boot animation is also included.

The update is rolling out in stages and started with a few users over the weekend and should be ramping up for the next few days till all handsets have the update.

What isn’t clear right now is if this is or isn’t real. Some users are reporting to have received it while others are complaining that they haven’t. We’ll also keep an eye on this to see if the roll-out goes beyond developers or a chosen few who might be testing the device.

Via: BGR

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