DROID Incredible to get 720p Video in Firmware Update

Owners of the HTC DROID Incredible will be getting an OTA update soon that will bring some new features to the device. The new update will bring 720p HD video recording as well as a mobile hotspot feature that lacks at the moment.

It isn’t clear at the moment when the updates will hit the DROID Incredible and of course, this information doesn’t come from an official source, so it there’s a chance it might not actually happen. But, from evidence we have seen over at Droid Life, it certainly looks promising.

As the information hasn’t been revealed officially, we do not have a launch date for the OTA update although from what we read, it seems it’s going to be sooner rather than later.

Although not a huge update, it’s still good that some nice features are being added. HD video is very welcomed as is wireless hot spot functionality allowing you to set up a mini wireless network to share the 3G connection on the device.

We’ll post an update as soon as we hear more about this.

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