DROID X and 2 get Android 2.3 Update Unofficially

It is now possible to update your DROID X or 2 to Android 2.3 Gingerbread, thanks to the guys over at MyDroidWorld.

Each of the smartphones needs to be rooted prior to installing the updates and once installed, the Gingerbread update cannot actually be rooted yet although the team is working on that. We also hear that it’s easy enough to jump back to a stock install in case things don’t go as well as planned, or if you run in to too many problems.

Installation is relatively easy once you have rooted your smartphone. All you need to do is download a file, put it on the SD card, boot the phone in to recovery and install the firmware.

Of course, you’ll want the full instructions on how to do this, so head on over to Droid Life or MyDroidWorld who have simplified the instructions. The downloads can also be grabbed from that page also.

As with any root or messing with an Android smartphone… just make sure you go from step to step carefully so you don’t end up bricking your device. Also note that the warranty might be voided when doing this.

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