Dennis Gabor Honoured for Inventing Holography

Today Google is recognising Dennis Gabor by changing the logo on it’s main web page. Changing logos on the home page is common practice by Google [GOOG] and is referred to as Google Doodle. Examples of past one such as the playable PacMan logo that was up there recently can be found over on the Google Logo site.

Today Dennis Gabor is honoured because he invented holography. 110 years ago on June 5 1900 Dennis Gabor was born and 47 years later in 1947 he managed to discover holography to which a patent was file in December of the same year.

There are many uses for Holography these days from the standard unique images that change when held at a different angle along to it being used as a means for storing large amount of data.

Full details of Holography and what you can do with it can be found over on the Wikipedia page. Dennis Gabor is probably a name you were not familiar with until today, so it’s great to honour somebody who has had an influence in most peoples lives.

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