Google Pac-Man Logo is Playable – 256 Levels

May 22 1980 was the day when Pac-Man was first introduced. That’s 30 years ago tomorrow. To celebrate the launch of Pac-Man, Google [GOOG] has decided to make a fully playable version of Pac-Man as the Google Logo. The Google Pac-Man Logo allows one or two players to play against the ghosts and pick up all the power pellets.

For those who do not know about Google Logos, a couple of times a month the company change the logo on their search page to reflect a historic event such as Teachers Day in Korea, Childrens Day in Spain and April Fools day each year. All the previous logos can be found over at Google.

Back to Pac-Man, the two player version can be played by hitting the insert coin button. Controls for the second player are the WASD keys for Up, Left, Down and Right.

As well as working on a regular computer, we also have successfully tested on the iPhone. Gizmodo report that the iPad and other smartphones also can play the game.

You can check it out by going to the Google home page where the game will be available all this weekend.

Via: Gizmodo

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