Dell Thunder Prototype Gets Previewed

Engadget managed to get hold of a couple of prototypes of the Dell Thunder smartphone.

It appears that the Dell Thunder could work on both CDMA and GSM networks as some code inside had references to both networks. An interesting feature on the phone is the screen looks to be slightly curved. When we say feature, it’s not exactly ground breaking, but certainly different to the flat glass screens we see these days.

This particular phone (or set of phones) were labled EVT1 which indicates it is perhaps the first engineering verification test. With this, a number of problems were spotted such as a few screen issues, no hole for the microphone as well as a few small quirks, all of which should be ironed out before launch we assume.

The operating system running on the Dell Thunder prototypes is Android 1.6 which also appears to be running at a higher resolution than normal. We assume that Dell will also increase the version to at least 2.1 if not 2.2 ready for launch.

To get the full run down along with a quick video preview of the Dell Thunder, check out Engadget who managed to get an exclusive on a couple of smartphones.

The Dell Thunder was first revealed back in April this year amongst a few other new smartphones from Dell.

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