New Dell Mini 10 with Intel Atom N450 Launches Today

Dell have launched their new Dell Mini 10 netbook that comes supplied with the all new Intel Atom N450 processor.

The new Dell Mini 10 is thinner and has a more sleek design. The keyboard on this netbook measures 92% of a full keyboard and the palm rest area is now textured allowing for less smudges to appear on the lower side of the netbook.

For the Mini 10 a new hinge has been created allowing a slimmer device that can still hold a decent sized battery. Three batteries are available for the Mini 10 with the 3 cell version offering 4 hours of usage while the two 6 cell versions offer about 8.5 and 9.5 hours each. Also both the 3 cell and 6 cell batteries measure the same size meaning that the mini 10 netbook wont have any additional bulk if you opt for the larger of the batteries.

A number of Mini 10 netbooks are being made available with various options and features such as a GPS, HD screen, built in HDTV receiver and movile digital TV for those in the Washington D.C. area.

Several operating systems can be selected from when purchasing starting at Windows 7 Starter and going to Windows XP and Ubuntu. The basic model will set you back $299 with that price rising depending on what options you choose.

Details of the specifications can be found over on the Dell site where you can also order from today if required.

Via: Dell

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