New Intel Atom Processors Announced

Intel have announced a new range of Intel Atom processors for the next generation of netbooks. The new Atom processors will come with integrated graphics and memory controllers allowing for power reduction along with performance improvements.

The new processors are being made available in netbooks from ASUS, Acer, Dell, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Samsung and MSI that will be shown off at CES in a couple of weeks time. The new processors have a 20% reduction in power usage and are also smaller too allowing for longer life on battery as well as smaller netbooks to be created.

‘We’re excited to be delivering the next-generation Atom platform and working across the industry as we head into a second phase of growth, powering innovative new system designs with better performance, smaller footprints and better battery life.

The new Atom processors being launched are the N450 along with the NM10 low-power express chipset. For entry level PC’s the new D410 Atom processor has been created along with a dual core D510 that work alongside the Intel NM10 Express Chipset also.

As well as being more efficient battery wise it is expected that we will also see some fanless designs too due to the lower running temperature. This mixed with a decent SSD could make for more completely silent netbooks. Although they wont be the first silent netbooks, it seems that it could start being the norm in netbook design.

More details can be found in the press release.

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