Dell Adamo XPS – Costs $2000 – Has Heat Sensing Strip

adamo-xps-heat-sensing-stripWe recently mentioned that Dell are launching the Dell Adamo XPS ultra thin laptop that measures just under 10mm. Information on the Adamo XPS is very thin on the ground at the moment with just a few teaser shots and a lot of speculation providing what we know.

Business Week claim that the laptop will cost $2000 when launched and one of the most unique features seems to be a heat-sensing strip that runs along the lip of the lid. When gliding your finger across the strip the thing glows white and the casing opens up the aluminium lid.

Although it’s totally not needed I certainly have to admit that if my laptop had one of them I’d quite proudly open the laptop in front of everybody just to see what the reaction is.

Another surprising bit of information reveals that we could actually see the laptop arrive on the 22 October on Windows 7 launch day.

Via: PastaTech

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