More Dell Adamo XPS Shots Revealed

12-dell-Adamo_XPS_open_side-smRecently the Dell Adamo XPS ultra-thin laptop was shown at an event. At the time there were only a couple of photos captured by those in attendance and due to the very brief showing, there were no more details provided.

We have now come across some official pictures of the Adamo XPS laptop that show a little bit more detail of how it actually fits together. It looks stunning!

The Dell Adamo XPS measures just under 10mm thick making it thinner than the macbook air. To achieve the super thinness the Adamo uses a very unique hinge which leaves a part of the main system behind the hinge (as seen below).

In the past, Dell have assigned the XPS name to high performance models. This could indicate that this new Adamo Model will get some increase specs too as well as the shrinking down of the whole system. Speculation also suggests that the Adamo XPS will run an SSD rather than a hard drive. Hopefully we’ll get the official details soon from Dell. For now, enjoy the images.

Via: Electronista


  1. Elisa Geller says

    I wonder what the specs are. I’ve seen the XPS, most of them are very good for gaming, now that this new model is light, I wonder how it will fare?

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