Computers to soon ‘boot up’ in seconds

The ‘loading’ screen is probably the one thing that everyone who uses a computer, has in common and apparently the average time a human being spends in front of a ‘booting up’ or ‘loading’ screen in a lifetime, is literally months if not years.

BIOS technology in particular has been ‘booting up’ laptops and PC’s the world over ever since the late 1970’s and since that time nothing much has really changed or moved on. The thing is as well, is that the BIOS tech that is still used now was never even meant last as long as it has done. So why are we still using it??

Perhaps the phrase… “If its not broke, then don’t fix it” comes to mind.

So anyway, it looks as though waiting and waiting and waiting for your laptop or PC to ‘boot up’ may soon be a thing of the past as a new start-up software known as UEFI (United Extensible Firmware Interface) will soon be taking over. This will be gradually integrated into new computers in the future to meet today’s needs for greater and faster access to information, though primarily this will be used to enable computers to ‘boot up’ from being switched off in a matter of moments.

Ok, “waiting and waiting and waiting” may be slightly over-exaggerating things a little, but on average, users will wait between 20-30 seconds (depending on the computer and operating system in question). Even older computers could have you sit there or let you make a cup of tea before you can even ‘log on’.

Many of the pro’s for UEFI is that it will be able to cope with many USB peripherals and the like connected to the computer and could be utilised with touchscreen and NGI (natural gesture interface) technology also.

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