New Competitor For Google Docs As Microsoft Launches Office 365

Its been around 3 years since Google introduced their cloud-based presentation programs via ‘Google Docs’ for around $50 per user, per year. Now in 2010, Microsoft have launched their own could-based service known as ‘Microsoft Office 365’ which will come head to head against Google’s service.

According to, 365 provides online access to MS Office, Exchange Online, Lync Online instant-messaging software and SharePoint Online. As far as business’s go, a sum of around $24 per user is required for subscription for Microsoft’s cloud version of MS Office and for the lighter user, around $2 will be required, for the more basic email version.

Right now it’s only available as a beta version but will become final sometime in 2011. It’ll be compatible with Office for Mac 2008, however it will offer only Office Pro Plus and Web apps with the service. Office 365 will work with most of the major browsers including Firefox, Chrome and Safari as well as Internet Explorer.

Could we see a decline in Google’s ‘Docs’ user base now that MS placed their cards on the table as it were? Let us know what you think?


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