Mobile Phone Cameras becoming more popular then Cameras?

A recent study shows that 44% of people use their mobile phone as their main camera. I can see with the introduction of even higher mega pixel cameras that they will one day totally take over.

The mobile phone is becoming a main point in most of our lives. They are used to time keep, as alarm clocks, more recently as MP3 players (especially with the launch of the Sony Walkman Phone).

This survey was performed by Nokia as the number of mobile phones across the world is aproaching 2.5 billion handsets. A crazy amount of phones in my opinion.

If mobile phone makers can add all the tools in to 1 device then I am all for this. On my phone I can watch TV, listen to MP3’s, send and receive emails, browse the internet at high speed and more. There is no doubt that mobiles are just going to continue pressing forwards heavily. Also I see wifi being integrated with the latest Nokia N range of phones as well as small hard drives in there also. A whole mine field of information will be available in your pocket from anywhere in the world.

I look forwards to what the future brings in the mobile phone industry!


  1. It’s very true that mobile phones these days are so much more than just phones. I too am looking forward to what the future holds.

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