Campaign Matchmaking Coming For Halo: Reach

For a long time now, we’ve wondered if we would ever get the chance to play campaign mode on any game with anyone outside of your immediate friend circle. Soon on the horizon we may get to do just that, once the next big update arrives for Halo: Reach. Later this week in fact.

Reach players will then have the opportunity to buddy up with a total stranger and have ago at taking on the Covenant masses, ‘Legendary style’. Along with this, there will also be new playlists available such as Infection and Snipers. The news gets even better as the level cap will be increased to allow those in the upper echelons of┬áseniority┬áto excel even further, though for the more timid gamer this might not make any difference to their gaming for the time being.

The date we have for this is set to be the 19th October but this is more of a stick note for the moment though this news does come via Bungie’s Weekly Update.


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