Call of Duty: Black Ops for £7.99? Really??

Yep, the title does need some explaining, but it’s all true… Though surprise, surprise, there is indeed a catch.

In just a few days, Call of Duty: Black Ops will be launched nationwide and even allowing avid gamers to pick it up at midnight openings across the country.

What’s more is that HMV are offering a nifty deal to those who wish to snap this game up with a hefty discount to spark even more competition with other retailers. The sacrifice (depending how you look at it) will be to trade in your copy of EA’s Medal of Honour towards Black Ops.

Usual pricing for any triple ‘A’ title tends to fall around the £59.99 mark, most other retailers will discount this to about £39.99 or so. But for £7.99?!? Can’t really beat that kind of a discount unless its given to you of course.

Those wanting to cash-in on this will need to be hasty as the cut-price deal will only be available from the game’s initial launch on November 9th until November 15th.

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