BlackPad from RIM Could Launch in November

RIM is believe to be launching a tablet device called the BlackPad. This rumour was recently strengthened by RIM purchasing the domain name which further increased rumours about the device.

We now hear that RIM will be launching the BlackPad in November. This comes from Bloomberg who cited two people close to RIM.

As for what the BlackPad will do. We hear it wont actually be a tablet that is fully internet connected and instead, it seems to be more like a companion device that works alongside a BlackBerry allowing you to check emails and browse the net on a larger screen.

If we hear more about this soon we’ll let you know.

Via: TechRadar


  1. This company is going downhill and its not coming back. BlackPad? Are you serious, do they have anything original, I give it a few more years before this company tanks.

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