BlackBerry Tablet will Happen

Rumours started recently about RIM building a tablet after they ordered a number of 8.9 inch display screens from Hon Hai.

More information about this possibility has now arrived after a leak from someone who has contacts within the company. From what we hear, it will be both thinner and smaller than an Apple iPad and for now is being nick named the BlackPad.

Another name also mentioned was Cobalt although right now, neither of these is official.

When launched (and if launched we should say) it is expected that it will run an OS compatible with BlackBerry OS although it isn’t clear if a new OS is being built by the company. We expect that we might see it sometime next year officially, or perhaps in leaked form later this year.

What are your thoughts on a BlackPad/Cobalt/BlackBerry Tablet? Do you think they can successfully make a competitive product, or are they wasting their time?

Via: BBLeaks

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