BlackBerry Tablet info Leaked

BGR managed to get some exclusive information on the upcoming BlackBerry Tablet that we first mentioned last week. Before we go on, the image above is just a mock-up of what it might look like.

The BlackBerry Tablet will have an 8.9 inch screen and will be classed as a “companion” device. What this means is that the device will have no 3G connection built in, but instead, will be a companion to your BlackBerry smartphone. WiFi will be built in, but the way to get on-line on the go will be via a BlueTooth connection to your BlackBerry device.

As for launch dates, it is expected that the BlackBerry Tablet will launch in December although the team working on it are trying to speedily work and launch it a little earlier if possible.

The main focus of the BB Tablet will be multimedia which includes reading e-books, eMail, web browsing and photo viewing.

The downside is that it kind of misses the point in my opinion (and the opinion of others). Users don’t want to be tied to something over Bluetooth. Not having a 3G option is a mistake. We’ll still wait to see how it all pans out though as RIM might make changes to how it will all work.

Via: BGR


  1. Personally, this would make me consider getting rid of my iPhone in favour of a Blackberry. Why? Because as it stands, Canadian wireless companies want to charge consumers for a secondary data plan for iPad, in addition to the plan they already have for iPhone. Further, Apple has not incorporated a Bluetooth tethering option in order that wireless carriers may do this (presumably so Apple can collect their extra fee from the carriers).

    So if I can have a big beautiful tablet to surf on, which I can use on a shared data plan with a handheld Blackberry device, I will switch over in a second! The only reason I chose iPhone over the Blackberry in the first place was because all the cool apps iPhone has. A Blackberry tablet would be every bit as capable as an iPhone or an iPad.

    I think RIM has made a very wise decision and I look forward to getting a Blackberry Tablet as soon as they go on the market!

  2. BlakberryLankan says

    1) RIM need to change their OS Kernel ! Now i guess they could because they bought QNX, QNX uses unix like os, Very light OS which will give a very good advantage SPEED.
    2) They need to get rid of the JVM and start using Objective C.
    3) Make a better interface even blackberry 6 it’s not something that is was expecting from RIM. They should start using more Icons than Text.
    4) Make a Interface designer for windows and mac.
    5) Start making Capacitive touchscreen devices (Screen size from 3.5″ to 4″) and slim and also include a 1ghz processor, 512mb ram, front facing camera, digital compass. (ADD MORE MEMORY on the board at least 8gb + expandable with sd card, screen should be in glass.

    * Tethering should be via wifi or bluetooth 3.0

    Blackberry companion is a very good idea. because it will be very useful for a business man cause who has a blackberry and sharing the data and it’s should also sync the blackberry handel. By adding cellular radio will be great for consumers who would like to have tablet but don’t need a blackberry handel.

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